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A2 Studios ICC Champions Trophy 2013: England & Wales Patch for EA Sports Cricket07

CT 2013 patch cricket 07
  And.. it comes.. The most awaited by everyone, yes, it’s The ICC Champions Trophy 2013 ( England & Wales) Patch for EA Sports Cricket07! Yes, It’s made by A2 Studios, so you expect quality here. REQUIREMENT Fresh installed EA Sports Cricket 07 AC Studios 256 Batpack install in it! (MUST INSTALL) FEATURES OF PATCH Latest Kits, Stadiums, Pitchad & ... Read More »

K²B Studios EA Sports Cricket 13′ Mega Patch for EA Cricket07

NOTE: Please do NOT get confused with other Cricket 2013! This is a patch made by K2B Studios, there are yet two more Cricket 2013 patches coming this year – GM StudioZ EA Sports Cricket 2013 Patch and A2 Studios International Cricket 2013 Patch! When they will release, we’ll publish it! Till now you can enjoy this patch! This is ... Read More »

A2 Studios Pepsi IPL 6 – T20 Showtime Patch 2013 for EA Cricket07

pepsi ipl 6 patch ea sports cricket 2007
Yes, we all know about this patch, completely made by A2 Studios and the first patch ever to use the AC Studios 256 HD BatPack in Cricket07. That means it includes all the latest HD quality bats! Note that before downloading this patch, you agree to our disclaimer and visit A2 Studios’ Facebook & Twitter and like & follow them! This patch ... Read More »

Pepsi IPL 6 Patch (PC Game) for EA Sports Cricket 2007 – Free Download! (GM StudioZ)

Pepsi IPL 6 2013 Patch for Cricket07
Pepsi IPL 6 2013 Patch for Cricket07 Aloha guys! We all watch IPL, don’t we? It’s the largest cricket league in the world, and is obviously, the richest. We all love to watch it, and I’m sure what you wanted from us is the Pepsi IPL 6 Mega Patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007! Requirements:- Clean EA Sports Cricket07 – ... Read More »

GM StudioZ EA Sports Cricket 2013 Patch For EA Sports Cricket 2007

Cricket 2013
Note: Coming between July- October 2013! This patch will be completely made by GM StudioZ and OMGAyush! Please do not rip it, it will be the best patch ever! So, Let Us give you guys Some Glimpses of Cricket13 which will be Releasing Next Year in May/June.. As it will be total Renovation for Cricket07′, some new features will be ... Read More »

EA Sports Cricket IPL 5 Patch 2012 for EA Sports Cricket07

Welcome to Cricket Castle, you’re currently viewing the EA Sports Cricket IPL 5 Patch 2012 (by Revolution Studios) for EA Sports Cricket 2007 – PC Game. This is a standalone patch, which means it requires clean cricket07 – nothing else! It is NOT compatible with Cricket 2012 by A Unit Studios. If you want IPL5 + Cricket 2012, go here: Click ... Read More »

ICL vs IPL Cricket 2009 Patch For EA Sports Cricket07 PC Game Free Download (33mb)

Hello There, this is just an old game termed ICL vs IPL Cricket 2009 which is very famous and still played by many people. This is just released as a request by our fans. ICL vs IPL Cricket09 Patch Features: New Menu New Overlays Updated Kits Updated Stadiums Music Patch Latest Roster Precise Fixtures ..and tons more! To install this game, ... Read More »

India vs Pakistan Airtel Cup 2012-13 Patch For EA Sports Cricket 2007

Hello out there Cricket Freaks, we have yet another released a Cricket Patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007 and yes – it’s the Latest India vs Pakistan Airtel 2012-13 series. It has all the latest kits, fixtures, players for it’s patch!This Patch require ZaxWillows™ 256 Batpack, but We have not included the BatPack in the Patch itself due to some ... Read More »

Sri Lanka Premier League Patch For EA Sports Cricket 2007

Note: This patch does NOT belong to me and is created by it’s original owner, TopPlayer from PlanetCricket . Please read our Disclaimer for more information about this. Hello Everyone, it’s been months since we have released a patch. So, hereby, after a long wait, a patch, probably a mini-patch, has been released. It’s non other than the Sri Lanka Premier League Patch ... Read More »

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) Patch 2012 For EA Sports Cricket 2007

Bangladesh Premier League 2012 T20 Patch for Cricket 2007 PC Game Hello everyone, guess what? We have recently released a BPL (Bangladesh Premier League) Patch for Cricket07 after a lot of fans of OMGayush from Bangladesh. After so many e-mails, I decided to make a Bangladesh Premier League patch as a request for all the people of Bangaldesh. Note that ... Read More »

Champions League T20 Patch (CLT20) For EA Sports Cricket 2007

Patch Released! Download Below! THIS IS GM STUDIOZ’S PATCH! Hello There, after a long wait, we are releasing Champions League T20 patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007! Pretty cool eh? Well, actually, most of the work is done and only some assignments are left. This patch is completely created by GM StudioZ – Ajay, Ayush, Raviteja, Inzamam, Charu and some ... Read More »

IPL 4 Mega Patch For Codemasters Ashes Cricket 2009

IPL4 Patch
DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE REMOVED DUE TO COPYRIGHT. Note: This is not a EA Sports Cricket 2007 Patch. It’s an Ashes Cricket 2009 patch created by Meet. Questions to be answered within comments. Ahoy waiters! The wait is now out. We have an IPL 4 Mega Patch for Ashes Cricket 2009. Yep, it’s too old but what to do? There’s no ... Read More »

GM StudioZ ICC T20 World Cup 2012 Patch For EA Sports Cricket07

As I promised my fans to spread another patch of the upcoming T20 World Cup patch, GM StudioZ have successfully made yet another mega patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007! Yes you heard it correct…GM StudioZ have completed it. It is a standalone patch and does not require any other requirements other than EA Sports Cricket 2007. ICC T20 World ... Read More »

KFC Big Bash League (BBL) Mini Patch For EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch

Guess what? EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch has been so popular that it has crossed 100,000+ downloads! It’s a record for OMGAyush Productions. IPL5 Patch has crossed 5,000+ downloads! Yes, it’s currently the #1 patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007 for free! So guess what? There’s a good news! We have released another patch which is compatible with EA Sports ... Read More »

EA Sports IPL 5 Sub Patch For EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch

IPL5 Patch Screenshot #7
Ahem Ahem, Hello World! This is OMGAyush Productions again with Addon/Module for his ultra successful patch “EA Sports Cricket 2012″ . This module adds the IPL Fixtures, Kits, Stadiums, Matches and all the IPL 5 experience in your Cricket 2012 Patch provided by OMGAyush Productions! Amazing right? Play cricket at your homes! DLF Indian Premier League 2012 (IPL-5) Patch for ... Read More »

‘A’ Unit Studios EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch For EA Sports Cricket 2007 (PC Game)

Note: Before reading anything, please read this: I have been telling again and again, this patch is not made by me and completely made by ‘A’ Unit Studios and their team. I, being a fan of this patch, is just publicizing this patch for knowledge purposes only. This is not owned by me; made by the respective members of A ...Read More »

Codemasters Ashes Cricket 2009 – Full Game Download – For PC – Torrent + Magnet Link

The most wanted and the latest game for Cricket, Yes, It’s none other than Ashes Cricket 2012! Amazing gameplay, certainly better graphics than EA Sports Cricket 2007, and a must-have game! If you want OMGAyush’s patches of Ashes Cricket 2009, you have to have Ashes Cricket 2009 by CodeMasters! (obviously!). CodeMaster Ashes Cricket 2009 Full Version Game Download [+torrent] According ... Read More »

EA Sports Cricket 2007 IPL-4 Patch Download

The old but gold IPL-4 Patch was released by OMGAyush Productions in 2010 and had many downloaders (above 50,000 worldwide). Unfortunately due to a misunderstandings between google, youtube and me the post was deleted. So I made another post for you all after so many requests. DLF-IPL-4 Patch For EA Sports Cricket 2007 The first and the latest released IPL-4 ... Read More »

Auxesis Studios Cricket11 Patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007

Finally, Its all set for the release of the Long Awaited IPL Patch by me. CREDITS-Zaxotes [Kits,Logos,Menus,Intro,License,Overlay & Misc.]-Biggy [Roster] SPECIAL THANKS TO-MattW, for his support and allowing me to make use of his new technique of Overlays.-Ahad, for some of his renders which fuel up the Game Menu and for his Edited Umpire Model.-Addy, for permitting to release his IPL Stadia ... Read More »


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